Amunet, “the Female Hidden One”

I just wanted to say that some view this as a Goddess and others see it as a form or aspect of Mut. Why? Because Amunet was the consort of Amun, guess what?, Mut was His consort, as well.. I see Her as an aspect of Mut. But anyway, I’ll talk about Her.

Acknowledge that I’m writing from what I’ve searched under the internet, and had written in my studies book. So.. I don’t have the sources, but I wanted to let you know that there ARE sources. I just don’t have the links and such. Sometimes I use Henadology. Other times I use Wikipedia. Many times the book: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson. But I always put the name on Google and search about The name on many websites.
Acknowledge as well, that I may be wrong, and, if it happens, let me know!!

Thank you. Let’s start:


Amunet, or even Amonet or Amaunet, meaning “the Female Hidden One”, was literally the female Amun, His female form, Amunet. Remember what I said about Amun belonging to the Ogdoad of Hermiopolis?? Well, Amunet belongs there, as well, because there were 4 couples and the couple that I’m talking about is Amun and Amunet, both representing the invisible.

According to some myths, She gave birth to Ra, and by this, She may have given birth to Her own consort, Amun, in His form as Amun-Ra, of course.

She is a goddess of air, as well.. By that She is depicted as a woman with and ostrich feather on top of Her head:

amunet        180px-amunet-luxor


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