Anuket, “Embracer”

This Goddess may be seen as the Aswan form of Nebthet (Nephthys), Anuket being the “local form” or as a separate deity of Nebthet.

Acknowledge that I’m writing from what I’ve searched under the internet, and had written in my studies book. So.. I don’t have the sources, but I wanted to let you know that there ARE sources. I just don’t have the links and such. Sometimes I use Henadology. Other times I use Wikipedia. Many times the book: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson. But I always put the name on Google and search about The name on many websites.
Acknowledge as well, that I may be wrong, and, if it happens, let me know!!

Thank you. Let’s start:


Anuket, or even Anukis or Anqet, meaning “Embracer”, was a goddess associated with the Nile waters. She was also a hunting goddess and She was loved as a deity protector on child-births.

Some of Her epithets are: “Giver of Life”, “Nourisher of the fields” and “She who shoots forth”, this last one in reference to the flooding.

She is usually depicted as:



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