Arsaphes, “He Who is Upon His Lake”

There’s not much on this deity but I’ll leave a good link about Him. Just have to say that the name I’m referring to is the Greek one, but His kemetic name is Heryshef. My problem haha.

Acknowledge that I’m writing from what I’ve searched under the internet, and had written in my studies book. So.. I don’t have the sources, but I wanted to let you know that there ARE sources. I just don’t have the links and such. Sometimes I use Henadology. Other times I use Wikipedia. Many times the book: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson. But I always put the name on Google and search about The name on many websites.
Acknowledge as well, that I may be wrong, and, if it happens, let me know!!

Thank you. Let’s start:


Arsaphes, or even Heryshaf or Herishef, meaning “He Who is Upon His Lake”, was a ram god. He was an ancient creator and a fertility god.

“In Ancient Egypt he was associated with Ra and Osiris and was sometimes described as the “Ba” (soul) of these gods. He was also associated with Atum because of his connections with the sacred naret tree of Hwt-nen-nesu. However, the Greeks called him Harsaphes or Arsaphes (which means “manliness”) and identified him with Heracles, perhaps in part because his name could also mean “He who is over strength”.”

– Ancient Egypt Online,

The good link that I have about Him, if you’re interested in Him, is this. Hope to be helpful.



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