Aset, “The Throne”

I’m more than happy to talk about this Goddess. I may even make more posts about Her.

Acknowledge that I’m writing from what I’ve searched under the internet, and had written in my studies book. So.. I don’t have the sources, but I wanted to let you know that there ARE sources. I just don’t have the links and such. Sometimes I use Henadology. Other times I use Wikipedia. Many times the book: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson. But I always put the name on Google and search about The name on many websites.
Acknowledge as well, that I may be wrong, and, if it happens, let me know!!

Thank you. Let’s start:


Aset, more known by Her greek name Isis, meaning “The Throne”, was one of the most important deities in the Ancient Egypt. She was one of the most known, although there are many misconceptions because of the change of Her name and things of the kind, for me, regarding the Greeks.

She haves many forms and aspects, as well as myths, that I will talk about each one:

  • Sister-Wife of Wesir (Osiris): So.. According to the theology, they’re siblings and married to each other. Set wanted to rule the Egypt, but this was the role of Wesir, He got jealous (resuming) and He killed His brother, Wesir. Aset found His body (with the help of Her sister, Nebthet), although She didn’t find the phallus. With Her magic, She ressurected Wesir and made a phallus to concieve Heru;
  • Mother and Protector of Heru (Horus): One of Aset‘s more known aspect is the one of Her being the Ideal Mother in Egypt. Heru had many dangers when He was born, and Aset protected Him. He once had a scorpion sting, Aset healed Him;
  • “Great of Heka” (Magic, in English): Her most known role is the one that She is the Great of Heka (Werethekau). We have already seen this in the myth where Wesir died and She ressurected Him. We have seen this in the Heru scorpion sting, as well..;
  • Aset and the Secret Name of Ra: This is a myth, not so known as the ressurection of Wesir, or things of thing, but an important one, of course. Aset sent a snake to bit Ra, to He reveal His secret name to Aset. At first, Ra was just saying the titles everyone knew of Him, but, when the pain became stronger, He told His secret name, the source of all His power. Aset, with the secret name of Ra, healed Him;
  • There are many, may be I’ll post more in the future hehe. This was to give you a idea of Her.

She was syncretized with many, but many, goddesses, with other pantheons, as well.

I have some sources, as I did my research to know more about this Goddess:

  • Fiercely Bright One: This one was so helpful. And in this site there is information on other Gods besides Aset, although, Aset is the one that is more information. You go to “Egyptian Gods” and then in “Aset“, you will find many things;
  • Wepwawet Wiki: Of course we have to have the wepwawet wiki!! Here we find many things, especially the offerings;
  • E-shrine to Her: My friend just created this e-shrine in tumblr to Her. I just wanted to show you, because it’s new, and it’s Kemetic! So..true information haha;
  • Henadology;
  • Per-Auset: This page on the blog with some more information, as well as some invocations and prayers at the end.

I’ve talked to many devotees of Her in the Netjer Forum, as well.. But that was how to start worshiping Her, hehe. She is not like a quiet Name. She gave me many signs. If you want to offer Her something, She will accept it (except pork or fish), especially if it is high-quality or if you put a lot of effort to it, if you do it yourself, as well.. She likes actions, but She will accept offerings as food or non-food items.

If you want to build a shrine for Her, it has to be just Her, or if it is with other Gods She has to have something different, big, She likes to feel “special”. (I guess.)

Will you find more information on the links I provide. now I’ll just leave 2 of Her images.. One She has the throne in Her head, in the other She has wings, as well as the symbol of the cow goddess, Hethert (Hathor). They had somehow many things in common.



Egyptian Deities

A list of the Egyptian Deities (A-Z), and the links on to my researches to each one of Them. In it I will include the Gods (Names of Netjer) and the helpers or other spirits (Netjeri), such as Ammit, Four Sons of Heru, and so…

aka. – also known as.
Acknowledge that this list may be incomplete, as it is the Gods (Names of Netjer) or Netjeri that I heard about, and Egypt had about 2000 or something like that. Acknowledge also that the Deities were known by many names, so not all may be included here. By this ackowledgements you need to know that I may update the list, with informations I receive.

Thank you.

The list:

  • Aker;
  • Amentet (aka. Imentet);
  • Ammit (aka. Ammut);
  • Amun (aka. Amon, Amen);
  • Amunet (aka. Amaunet, Amonet);
  • Anhur (aka. Onuris);
  • Anput (aka. Anupet, Yineput or Input);
  • Anuket (aka. Anukis);
  • Apep (aka. Apophis);
  • Apis (aka. Hapis, not to be confused with Hapi (Nile God), nor Hapi (son of Heru));
  • Arsaphes (aka. Heryshaf or Herishef);
  • Aset (aka. Isis or Ast);
  • Aten (aka. Aton);
  • Babi (aka. Baba);
  • Banebdjedet;
  • Bast (aka. Bastet);
  • Bat;
  • Bes;
  • Beset;
  • Buchis;
  • Djehuty (aka. Thoth);
  • Duamutef (son of Heru);
  • Dunanwy;
  • Geb;
  • Ha;
  • Hapi (aka. Hapy, not to be confused with Apis, nor Hapi (son of Heru));
  • Hapi (aka. Hapy, not to be confused with Apis, nor Hapi (Nile God));
  • Hatmehyt (aka. Hatmehit);
  • Hauhet;
  • Hededyt (aka. Hedetet);
  • Heh;
  • Heka;
  • Hemen;
  • Henet (aka. Henut);
  • Heqet (aka. Heket);
  • Heru (aka. Horus, some forms: Heru-sa-aset, Heru-wer, and such);
  • Hesat (aka. Hesis);
  • Hethert (aka. Hathor);
  • Horit;
  • Hu;
  • Iah (aka. Yah or Aah);
  • Ihy;
  • Imsety (son of Heru);
  • Ipy;
  • Iunyt;
  • Iusaas (aka. Iusaaset);
  • Kauket;
  • Kebehwet (aka. Kebechet);
  • Kebehsenuef (son of Heru);
  • Kek;
  • Khensut;
  • Khepera (aka. Khepri);
  • Kherty;
  • Khnum;
  • Khonsu;
  • Ma’at (aka. Maat or Ma’et);
  • Mafdet;
  • Mahaf;
  • Mehen;
  • Mehenyt;
  • Mehet-Weret;
  • Mehyt  (aka. Mehit);
  • Menhyt (aka. Menhit);
  • Meret;
  • Meretseger;
  • Meskhenet;
  • Mestjet;
  • Mihos (aka. Maahes);
  • Min;
  • Mnevis;
  • Montu;
  • Mut;
  • Naunet;
  • Nebthet (aka. Nephthys);
  • Nefertum (aka. Nefertem);
  • Nehebkau (aka. Nehebu-kau);
  • Nehmetaway;
  • Nehy (aka. Neheh);
  • Neith (aka. Net);
  • Nekhbet;
  • Nemty (aka. Anty or Anty);
  • Nepry (aka. Neper);
  • Nu (aka. Nun);
  • Nut;
  • Pakhet;
  • Ptah;
  • Qadesh (aka. Qetesh);
  • Ra (aka. Re);
  • Raet (aka. Raettway or Raet-Tawy);
  • Renenutet;
  • Repyt (aka. Triphis);
  • Reret;
  • Sah;
  • Satis (aka. Satet);
  • Sekhet;
  • Sekhmet;
  • Serket (aka. Serqet);
  • Seshat;
  • Set (aka. Seth or Sutekh);
  • Shai;
  • Shed;
  • Shesmetet;
  • Shesmu (aka. Shezmu);
  • Shu;
  • Sia;
  • Sobek (aka. Sebek);
  • Sokar (aka. Seker);
  • Sopdet (aka. Sothis);
  • Soped (aka. Sopdu);
  • Tabithet (aka. Ta-Bitjet);
  • Tapshay;
  • Tatenen;
  • Tawertet;
  • Tayet;
  • Tefnut (aka. Tefenet);
  • Tem (aka. Atum);
  • Tjenenet (aka. Tenenet);
  • Tutu;
  • Wadjet (aka. Uadjet);
  • Wadj-wer;
  • Wedjarenes;
  • Wekh;
  • Weneg;
  • Wenpy;
  • Wenut (aka. Unut);
  • Wenty;
  • Wepwawet;
  • Werethekau (Goddess or just a epithet of Aset, for me, just the epithet, but I see that some people consider it a Goddess);
  • Wesir (aka. Osiris);
  • Wosret;
  • Yinepu (aka. Anubis, Anpu or Anup).

You may also know that the Egyptians had also foreign Gods and Goddesses that came from Nubia, Levant, and so..

Acknowledge that I may be wrong, but from what I searched these are foreign gods worshiped in Egypt.

This list of foreign Gods and Goddesses worshiped in Egypt:

  • Anat;
  • Apedemak;
  • Arensnuphis;
  • Ash,
  • Astarte (aka. Ishtar);
  • Ba’al (aka. Baal);
  • Ba’alat Gebal;
  • Dedwen (aka. Dedun);
  • Mandulis;
  • Reshep;
  • Serapis;
  • Yamm (aka. Yam).

And.. The Egyptians had, what we may call heroes, like Imhotep or Amenhotep, son of Hapu. But, I didn’t put these here to confuse haha And because, I don’t have much information on those.

If I forgot any deity that you know and isn’t here, please let me know!! Thank you.