What happened and more about these days

Heyy!! So.. It’s been a while..

Do you want to know about the signs of the Deities, what happened after the prayers and offerings? I really don’t think I get something.. But today I saw A LOT of dogs in my way to school, which in the other days it was unusual. I remembered of Yinepu, but actually I really didn’t know if it was Him.

I may not be getting signs or I didn’t get them because I haven’t been praying nor offering to any Name of Netjer. Yes, I know! I became lazy, but school just started and I totally forgot about it! And more: I’m waiting for the Begginer’s class of the Kemetic Orthodoxy to begin. I’m very anxious. Actually I’ve already begin to ask some people on the forum about how to connect with the Gods I want to, depending on who worships Them.. and these people has answered me a lot, and helped me, of course…

So what I’ve been doing these days, you ask? As I went to a new school with some friends, I didn’t know anyone besides them.. (And now I know more people, of course..) and I found out someone who LOVES astrology, as I do.. And she likes theatre too, as I do haha HOW COOL!!

And, by this friend, I remembered I actually didn’t started to study astrology, I just had looked at some concepts and meanings, or so.. And that led me to learn more about astrology.. As I’m doing know.. Me and this friend, we have been changing some ideas on astrology, and I just started by read a pdf about it.. And let me tell you: I’m learning much more now than I was before.. It changed everything haha

Just a information on my life: I already told this friend likes theatre, and I love, as well, but, unfortunately, I haven’t been in a drama club yet.. So.. guess what? This Sunday I’m going to begin to “work” in the same drama club as this friend, and.. I’m very happy!!

So.. tell me more.. (about these days of yours and/or what I should write next).

May you all be in peace.