Egyptian Deities

A list of the Egyptian Deities (A-Z), and the links on to my researches to each one of Them. In it I will include the Gods (Names of Netjer) and the helpers or other spirits (Netjeri), such as Ammit, Four Sons of Heru, and so…

aka. – also known as.
Acknowledge that this list may be incomplete, as it is the Gods (Names of Netjer) or Netjeri that I heard about, and Egypt had about 2000 or something like that. Acknowledge also that the Deities were known by many names, so not all may be included here. By this ackowledgements you need to know that I may update the list, with informations I receive.

Thank you.

The list:

  • Aker;
  • Amentet (aka. Imentet);
  • Ammit (aka. Ammut);
  • Amun (aka. Amon, Amen);
  • Amunet (aka. Amaunet, Amonet);
  • Anhur (aka. Onuris);
  • Anput (aka. Anupet, Yineput or Input);
  • Anuket (aka. Anukis);
  • Ape/p (aka. Apophis, name cutted to avoid bad heka);
  • Apis (aka. Hapis, not to be confused with Hapi (Nile God), nor Hapi (son of Heru));
  • Arsaphes (aka. Heryshaf or Herishef);
  • Aset (aka. Isis or Ast);
  • Aten (aka. Aton);
  • Babi (aka. Baba);
  • Banebdjedet;
  • Bast (aka. Bastet);
  • Bat;
  • Bes;
  • Beset;
  • Buchis;
  • Djehuty (aka. Thoth);
  • Duamutef (son of Heru);
  • Dunanwy;
  • Geb;
  • Ha;
  • Hapi (aka. Hapy, not to be confused with Apis, nor Hapi (son of Heru));
  • Hapi (aka. Hapy, not to be confused with Apis, nor Hapi (Nile God));
  • Hatmehyt (aka. Hatmehit);
  • Hauhet;
  • Hededyt (aka. Hedetet);
  • Heh;
  • Heka;
  • Hemen;
  • Henet (aka. Henut);
  • Heqet (aka. Heket);
  • Heru (aka. Horus, some forms: Heru-sa-aset, Heru-wer, and such);
  • Hesat (aka. Hesis);
  • Hethert (aka. Hathor);
  • Horit;
  • Hu;
  • Iah (aka. Yah or Aah);
  • Ihy;
  • Imsety (son of Heru);
  • Ipy;
  • Iunyt;
  • Iusaas (aka. Iusaaset);
  • Kauket;
  • Kebehwet (aka. Kebechet);
  • Kebehsenuef (son of Heru);
  • Kek;
  • Khensut;
  • Khepera (aka. Khepri);
  • Kherty;
  • Khnum;
  • Khonsu;
  • Ma’at (aka. Maat or Ma’et);
  • Mafdet;
  • Mahaf;
  • Mehen;
  • Mehenyt;
  • Mehet-Weret;
  • Mehyt  (aka. Mehit);
  • Menhyt (aka. Menhit);
  • Meret;
  • Meretseger;
  • Meskhenet;
  • Mestjet;
  • Mihos (aka. Maahes);
  • Min;
  • Mnevis;
  • Montu;
  • Mut;
  • Naunet;
  • Nebthet (aka. Nephthys);
  • Nefertum (aka. Nefertem);
  • Nehebkau (aka. Nehebu-kau);
  • Nehmetaway;
  • Nehy (aka. Neheh);
  • Neith (aka. Net);
  • Nekhbet;
  • Nemty (aka. Anty or Anty);
  • Nepry (aka. Neper);
  • Nu (aka. Nun);
  • Nut;
  • Pakhet;
  • Ptah;
  • Qadesh (aka. Qetesh);
  • Ra (aka. Re);
  • Raet (aka. Raettway or Raet-Tawy);
  • Renenutet;
  • Repyt (aka. Triphis);
  • Reret;
  • Sah;
  • Satis (aka. Satet);
  • Sekhet;
  • Sekhmet;
  • Serket (aka. Serqet);
  • Seshat;
  • Set (aka. Seth or Sutekh);
  • Shai;
  • Shed;
  • Shesmetet;
  • Shesmu (aka. Shezmu);
  • Shu;
  • Sia;
  • Sobek (aka. Sebek);
  • Sokar (aka. Seker);
  • Sopdet (aka. Sothis);
  • Soped (aka. Sopdu);
  • Tabithet (aka. Ta-Bitjet);
  • Tapshay;
  • Tatenen;
  • Tawertet;
  • Tayet;
  • Tefnut (aka. Tefenet);
  • Tem (aka. Atum);
  • Tjenenet (aka. Tenenet);
  • Tutu;
  • Wadjet (aka. Uadjet);
  • Wadj-wer;
  • Wedjarenes;
  • Wekh;
  • Weneg;
  • Wenpy;
  • Wenut (aka. Unut);
  • Wenty;
  • Wepwawet;
  • Werethekau (Goddess or just a epithet of Aset, for me, just the epithet, but I see that some people consider it a Goddess);
  • Wesir (aka. Osiris);
  • Wosret;
  • Yinepu (aka. Anubis, Anpu or Anup).

You may also know that the Egyptians had also foreign Gods and Goddesses that came from Nubia, Levant, and so..

Acknowledge that I may be wrong, but from what I searched these are foreign gods worshiped in Egypt.

This list of foreign Gods and Goddesses worshiped in Egypt:

  • Anat;
  • Apedemak;
  • Arensnuphis;
  • Ash,
  • Astarte (aka. Ishtar);
  • Ba’al (aka. Baal);
  • Ba’alat Gebal;
  • Dedwen (aka. Dedun);
  • Mandulis;
  • Reshep;
  • Serapis;
  • Yamm (aka. Yam).

And.. The Egyptians had, what we may call heroes, like Imhotep or Amenhotep, son of Hapu. But, I didn’t put these here to confuse haha And because, I don’t have much information on those.

If I forgot any deity that you know and isn’t here, please let me know!! Thank you.

Offerings and more

Hey! I’m just here to say that, now, everyday, when I go to lunch or dinner, I offer the food and the water I consume to the Names of Netjer. I don’t know.. It just sound to me that I had to do it. It’s a simple thing to do, it’s not a wasting of time, and it may honor the Gods.

Update on the Connect to the Gods post? So.. the first day, I offered cool water to Yinepu, and yesterday I offered Him the cookies (actually it was palmier) I ate before go to bed and I offered the milk I drank with the cookies to Bast. For now, They haven’t told me anything, or maybe I just don’t remember haha But I don’t think so. I think I would remember if that happened, you know?

Oh, more!! Yesterday, before go to bed, actually, I thought to draw the Gods (since I’m an artist), but, the God I actually remembered to draw was Yinepu! Yes!! Yinepu. Do you think that’s something? Maybe. Maybe not. What I think? Actually, I don’t really know haha I’ll wait until I hear something from Him.

I think that’s all! Can someone give me ideas of what I could write on the next post? Please, I don’t have that much of ideas. haha

See you!

Connect to the Gods

So.. Yes. I just started my path and the first thing I’ll do is to connect to the Gods I think are calling me or I just want to because I seem to like them.

Did you just said calling you? Yes. I’ll give you my example: 2 weeks ago (I think), I started to think in Yinepu and started seeing dogs, especially black dogs. Then I asked on a group I have in facebook if they thought it was a sign of Yinepu to me. They said for me to ask Him if it was a sign and, if it were, for him to give me a new sign. And.. He did. The next day I saw again dogs. It was Him.

So I just draw Him in a piece of paper (I just put the paper on the screen of my computer and started copying) for me to have a representation of Him.

Now, as some people said to me in the Netjer Forum, I can connect to Him by offering something that the deite likes and say a prayer to Him (like: O Yinepu, Opener of Ways!  I offer you this repast (offering)  from my heart.  May it please you, and allow me to get to know you. ) . The offering may be just cool water.

How do I know what offerings my Gods like? For the egyptian Gods, the Wepwawet Wiki is a excellent place to know. For the other gods I don’t know any website.

Besides of Him, I’d like to connect to Bast, Sekhmet and Aset. As I said: “.. or I just want to because I seem to like them.”.

P.S. The Gods don’t answer you the same way. Some may already talk to you, others may appear by emotions or touch or dreams. Remember: pay attetion to the dreams. And it may be the same day you do that or They may appear to you many days after.

So, now I’ll concentrate, offer and pray to Them. Once I’ve done that I write here what happened.