What will come?


So.. To inform you of my personal life: I know Aset is present in my life. I’m trying to praying to Her every night and I’m offering water till it evaporates.

I just wanted to let you know that as I’m doing a research on Egyptian Deities, I will put here my researches, but first a list of the Egyptian Deities I know.

PS. The researches may take time as I’m still on the first one, and there are a LOT!

Thank you.

Signs of Aset. My Patron? Maybe.

Heey!! So.. The begginer’s class of KO haven’t started yet, but I know I’ve been accepted.

As I am pagan, I had done a “rite” to know Who my Patron/s would be. And you know what? I haven’t figure it out (completely) YET, but I will!! haha

I just came here to tell you that in that “rite” we ask the Great Divine Consciousness, as the egyptians know as Netjer, for Whoever Patron we have to give us signs, and then we say which signs we want to receive from Them.

So.. I just wanted to write here my thoughts about Who may be my Patron.

I have already write here that the God I feel more connected to is Yinepu. I did receive some signs of Him and still am. I don’t know if it was from the “rite” or not. Now I need to say that I may be getting some signs of Aset (Isis). Yes! Aset..

And you ask me: Which signs do you think you are getting from Her? I say to you: I have seen Her (Greek) name many times, MANY times (And this was one of the type of signs I ask in the “rite”: to see the name many times). I just realized about it now!! How? I’ll explain to you: Besides of Her name, I saw a video about Gods (and it wasn’t a video only about the Egyptian ones) and guess Who statue it was on the background? Aset!! Yes!! But it wasn’t for this that I realized it, yet. It was from a new episode of a series I saw today.. Guess what?? In the series it was Halloween (Samhain) and one person was dressed like Her. It was then that I realized that She may be giving me signs.

I think I’ll ask Her if my guess is correct, and then I’ll know if She is or isn’t my Patron.

Ohh. you may be asking youself why did I write rite with “”. I tell you: For me it isn’t A rite, this because I didn’t use anything besides my words. It’s only because of that.

Tell me your thoughts about this, if you don’t mind, of course haha.

What happened and more about these days

Heyy!! So.. It’s been a while..

Do you want to know about the signs of the Deities, what happened after the prayers and offerings? I really don’t think I get something.. But today I saw A LOT of dogs in my way to school, which in the other days it was unusual. I remembered of Yinepu, but actually I really didn’t know if it was Him.

I may not be getting signs or I didn’t get them because I haven’t been praying nor offering to any Name of Netjer. Yes, I know! I became lazy, but school just started and I totally forgot about it! And more: I’m waiting for the Begginer’s class of the Kemetic Orthodoxy to begin. I’m very anxious. Actually I’ve already begin to ask some people on the forum about how to connect with the Gods I want to, depending on who worships Them.. and these people has answered me a lot, and helped me, of course…

So what I’ve been doing these days, you ask? As I went to a new school with some friends, I didn’t know anyone besides them.. (And now I know more people, of course..) and I found out someone who LOVES astrology, as I do.. And she likes theatre too, as I do haha HOW COOL!!

And, by this friend, I remembered I actually didn’t started to study astrology, I just had looked at some concepts and meanings, or so.. And that led me to learn more about astrology.. As I’m doing know.. Me and this friend, we have been changing some ideas on astrology, and I just started by read a pdf about it.. And let me tell you: I’m learning much more now than I was before.. It changed everything haha

Just a information on my life: I already told this friend likes theatre, and I love, as well, but, unfortunately, I haven’t been in a drama club yet.. So.. guess what? This Sunday I’m going to begin to “work” in the same drama club as this friend, and.. I’m very happy!!

So.. tell me more.. (about these days of yours and/or what I should write next).

May you all be in peace.

Yinepu draw

Hey. Just here to show you that draw of Yinepu I talked about in the last post.

I did it, and after that, I offer it to Him, as well. The picture is not in good quality (It was taken with my phone, that’s why), and I applied a effect for boosting it, to see more the lines, you know?

As I said, it’s not in good quality, but I just wanted to show you, because I really love it. The paper one (non-picture, real one,..) is way better, anyway haha.

May you all be in peace.


Offerings and more

Hey! I’m just here to say that, now, everyday, when I go to lunch or dinner, I offer the food and the water I consume to the Names of Netjer. I don’t know.. It just sound to me that I had to do it. It’s a simple thing to do, it’s not a wasting of time, and it may honor the Gods.

Update on the Connect to the Gods post? So.. the first day, I offered cool water to Yinepu, and yesterday I offered Him the cookies (actually it was palmier) I ate before go to bed and I offered the milk I drank with the cookies to Bast. For now, They haven’t told me anything, or maybe I just don’t remember haha But I don’t think so. I think I would remember if that happened, you know?

Oh, more!! Yesterday, before go to bed, actually, I thought to draw the Gods (since I’m an artist), but, the God I actually remembered to draw was Yinepu! Yes!! Yinepu. Do you think that’s something? Maybe. Maybe not. What I think? Actually, I don’t really know haha I’ll wait until I hear something from Him.

I think that’s all! Can someone give me ideas of what I could write on the next post? Please, I don’t have that much of ideas. haha

See you!

Connect to the Gods

So.. Yes. I just started my path and the first thing I’ll do is to connect to the Gods I think are calling me or I just want to because I seem to like them.

Did you just said calling you? Yes. I’ll give you my example: 2 weeks ago (I think), I started to think in Yinepu and started seeing dogs, especially black dogs. Then I asked on a group I have in facebook if they thought it was a sign of Yinepu to me. They said for me to ask Him if it was a sign and, if it were, for him to give me a new sign. And.. He did. The next day I saw again dogs. It was Him.

So I just draw Him in a piece of paper (I just put the paper on the screen of my computer and started copying) for me to have a representation of Him.

Now, as some people said to me in the Netjer Forum, I can connect to Him by offering something that the deite likes and say a prayer to Him (like: O Yinepu, Opener of Ways!  I offer you this repast (offering)  from my heart.  May it please you, and allow me to get to know you. ) . The offering may be just cool water.

How do I know what offerings my Gods like? For the egyptian Gods, the Wepwawet Wiki is a excellent place to know. For the other gods I don’t know any website.

Besides of Him, I’d like to connect to Bast, Sekhmet and Aset. As I said: “.. or I just want to because I seem to like them.”.

P.S. The Gods don’t answer you the same way. Some may already talk to you, others may appear by emotions or touch or dreams. Remember: pay attetion to the dreams. And it may be the same day you do that or They may appear to you many days after.

So, now I’ll concentrate, offer and pray to Them. Once I’ve done that I write here what happened.