Anput, “Female Yinepu”

I just wanted to say that I didn’t found the meaning of Her name, but She is the female Yinepu, so.. if you would take the meaning out of His name, it would be “Royal Child”.

Acknowledge that I’m writing from what I’ve searched under the internet, and had written in my studies book. So.. I don’t have the sources, but I wanted to let you know that there ARE sources. I just don’t have the links and such. Sometimes I use Henadology. Other times I use Wikipedia. Many times the book: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson. But I always put the name on Google and search about The name on many websites.
Acknowledge as well, that I may be wrong, and, if it happens, let me know!!

Thank you. Let’s start:


Anput, or even Anupet, Yineput or Input, was the female counterpart of Yinepu. She was a goddess who presided the 17th nome (district) of Upper Egypt. There is no more information on Her than “the female counterpart of Yinepu”, but I have a resource so good for jackal gods. And I’ll leave the link here and some quotes on Anput..

The site is the Per-Sabu (a great place for you to learn more on many jackal deities). Here are some quotes on this site’s view on Anput.

“She is best known for her appearance on one of the famous Menkaure triad statues, where she is depicted as a woman with the Cynopolis nome emblem over her head. This emblem itself is of a couchant jackal with feather. Most sources cite her as having been more or less ‘invented’ to give Anubis a female counterpart (I hesitate to say wife or consort) to be in keeping with the theology of the time.  But given the fact that statuettes of Anubis as a jackal are often mysteriously without indication of male gender, which goes against the norms of the way ancient egyptians depicted animals, it has been theorized that he himself may originally have been female and still retains a certain ambiguity. So in an interesting twist, it may be Anupet who came first. Of course it may also have been that they always existed as a pair, with Anubis venturing much further afield than Anupet. She seems to have stayed very close to the XVIIth nome, likely worshipped as a local protectress.”

– Per-Sabu,


“At her reappearance in Ptolemaic Dendera, Anupet appears both as a canid standing on her back legs, wielding knives within her front paws, but also as a similarly armed jackal-headed figure. (Interestingly she is not depicted in the standard goddess way.) The texts at Dendera really drive home her viciously protective nature. When not equipped with knives, she is equipped with teeth, both allowing her to butcher the enemies of Osiris. Here are two examples: ‘You are Anupet, motionless on your belly, with teeth sharpened to ravage the Mischievous One.’ / ‘Words spoken by Anupet, the bitch who barks against all who come with evil intentions, who cuts up the Wicked One in the back, so that he falls to the ground and so that he never exists again: “I have taken apart Yash by driving a knife into his back.”‘ ”

– Per-Sabu,


“She sometimes acts within the role of Shentayet (the Widow), punishing those who murdered Osiris but also guarding his sarcophagus against any who would harm him further. She seems to have a particular connection with knives and cutting, which may not be purely for butchering; They may play a part in various rites of initiation as well. She is the feral she-jackal, both ruthless huntress and nurturing mother.

In my personal experiences of her, I definitely see her as being the true twin sibling of Anubis. (Much moreso than Wepwawet actually.) They have different roles and are by no means mirror images of each other, but their essence and nature is very similar. I’ve mostly come to know her as a shadowy assassin, who slips through shadows and avenges misdeeds. She also strikes me as being fairly territorial and certainly not adverse to running off trespassers or anyone looking to cause trouble. In that regard she and Anubis are very similar indeed as he is just as protective of his domains and wards. ”

– Per-Sabu,

Per-Sabu has also a list of Her functions and iconography. I recommend you to go there and see what this site offers on Her, as well as other jackal deites (Yinepu, Wepwawet, and more..).

Her image (She is the one on the right of the statue):

Ammit, “Devourer of the Dead”

First, for me this is not a Goddess (Name of Netjer), this is a Netjeri, in this case, a helper in the Duat (Underworld). However there are people that say that Ammit is a Goddess, and I understand these people, actually is a lot like a Goddess, but I just see it as a Netjeri. I found more on this name than the other two haha

Acknowledge that I’m writing from what I’ve searched under the internet, and had written in my studies book. So.. I don’t have the sources, but I wanted to let you know that there ARE sources. I just don’t have the links and such. Sometimes I use Henadology. Other times I use Wikipedia. Many times the book: The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson. But I always put the name on Google and search about The name on many websites.
Acknowledge as well, that I may be wrong, and, if it happens, let me know!!

Thank you. Let’s start:


Ammit or Ammut, meaning “Devourer of the Dead” or just “devourer”, was a Goddess (for some), and/or an helper in the Duat, for others, as I mentioned.

Whether you see it as a Goddess or as a helper in the Duat, or as both, this is for YOU.

Ammit is the personification of the divine retribution for all the bad done in life. She lived in the Duat, to be specific, in the Hall of Ma’at where the dead went to know if it was granted the afterlife or not. How so? Well, by the Weighting of the Heart, of course!! And you ask me: what is that?? Well.. in the Hall of Ma’at there is scales, and in one side Yinepu (Anubis) had to put the feather of Ma’at, the feather of truth. In the other side He had to put the heart of the dead (the egyptians believed this was where the soul lived), if one had done too many good things in life it was granted the afterlife (this seen by the heart being lighter than the feather), but if one had done bad things for the heart to be heavier than the feather, Ammit would eat their heart and soul. In other versions of the myth, Ammit would eat the body, as well.

“She was also known as the ‘Dweller in Amenta’ or the ‘Devourer of Amenta’, the place where the sun sets. Amenta, as used by the Egyptians, was applied to the west bank of the Nile – Egyptian cemeteries and funerary places were all on the west. To the Egyptians, west was a direction linked to death. Amenta was also the name of the underworld – the place where Ra traveled during the night. Ammut, therefore, was not only a demoness of death, but a demoness of the underworld. In at least one papyrus, Ammut was depicted as crouching beside the lake of fire in the infernal regions of the underworld!”

Tour Egypt site,


“Ammit was never worshipped, and was not strictly a goddess, but her image was thought to ward off evil. She was the personification of all that the ancient Egyptians feared and a reminder to live by the principles of Maat. Although she was referred to as a demon, she was in reality a force for order. Moreover, each person was at least given the chance to defend their life before being consigned to eternal damnation.”

Ancient Egypt Online site,

She was depicted as the three animals that was considered the largest “man-eating” animals. This was a crocodile (Her head), a lion (Her upper body) and a hippopotamus (Her lower body). Here I leave Her image.


I want to leave as well a artwork of Her eating a body:


Egyptian Deities

A list of the Egyptian Deities (A-Z), and the links on to my researches to each one of Them. In it I will include the Gods (Names of Netjer) and the helpers or other spirits (Netjeri), such as Ammit, Four Sons of Heru, and so…

aka. – also known as.
Acknowledge that this list may be incomplete, as it is the Gods (Names of Netjer) or Netjeri that I heard about, and Egypt had about 2000 or something like that. Acknowledge also that the Deities were known by many names, so not all may be included here. By this ackowledgements you need to know that I may update the list, with informations I receive.

Thank you.

The list:

  • Aker;
  • Amentet (aka. Imentet);
  • Ammit (aka. Ammut);
  • Amun (aka. Amon, Amen);
  • Amunet (aka. Amaunet, Amonet);
  • Anhur (aka. Onuris);
  • Anput (aka. Anupet, Yineput or Input);
  • Anuket (aka. Anukis);
  • Ape/p (aka. Apophis, name cutted to avoid bad heka);
  • Apis (aka. Hapis, not to be confused with Hapi (Nile God), nor Hapi (son of Heru));
  • Arsaphes (aka. Heryshaf or Herishef);
  • Aset (aka. Isis or Ast);
  • Aten (aka. Aton);
  • Babi (aka. Baba);
  • Banebdjedet;
  • Bast (aka. Bastet);
  • Bat;
  • Bes;
  • Beset;
  • Buchis;
  • Djehuty (aka. Thoth);
  • Duamutef (son of Heru);
  • Dunanwy;
  • Geb;
  • Ha;
  • Hapi (aka. Hapy, not to be confused with Apis, nor Hapi (son of Heru));
  • Hapi (aka. Hapy, not to be confused with Apis, nor Hapi (Nile God));
  • Hatmehyt (aka. Hatmehit);
  • Hauhet;
  • Hededyt (aka. Hedetet);
  • Heh;
  • Heka;
  • Hemen;
  • Henet (aka. Henut);
  • Heqet (aka. Heket);
  • Heru (aka. Horus, some forms: Heru-sa-aset, Heru-wer, and such);
  • Hesat (aka. Hesis);
  • Hethert (aka. Hathor);
  • Horit;
  • Hu;
  • Iah (aka. Yah or Aah);
  • Ihy;
  • Imsety (son of Heru);
  • Ipy;
  • Iunyt;
  • Iusaas (aka. Iusaaset);
  • Kauket;
  • Kebehwet (aka. Kebechet);
  • Kebehsenuef (son of Heru);
  • Kek;
  • Khensut;
  • Khepera (aka. Khepri);
  • Kherty;
  • Khnum;
  • Khonsu;
  • Ma’at (aka. Maat or Ma’et);
  • Mafdet;
  • Mahaf;
  • Mehen;
  • Mehenyt;
  • Mehet-Weret;
  • Mehyt  (aka. Mehit);
  • Menhyt (aka. Menhit);
  • Meret;
  • Meretseger;
  • Meskhenet;
  • Mestjet;
  • Mihos (aka. Maahes);
  • Min;
  • Mnevis;
  • Montu;
  • Mut;
  • Naunet;
  • Nebthet (aka. Nephthys);
  • Nefertum (aka. Nefertem);
  • Nehebkau (aka. Nehebu-kau);
  • Nehmetaway;
  • Nehy (aka. Neheh);
  • Neith (aka. Net);
  • Nekhbet;
  • Nemty (aka. Anty or Anty);
  • Nepry (aka. Neper);
  • Nu (aka. Nun);
  • Nut;
  • Pakhet;
  • Ptah;
  • Qadesh (aka. Qetesh);
  • Ra (aka. Re);
  • Raet (aka. Raettway or Raet-Tawy);
  • Renenutet;
  • Repyt (aka. Triphis);
  • Reret;
  • Sah;
  • Satis (aka. Satet);
  • Sekhet;
  • Sekhmet;
  • Serket (aka. Serqet);
  • Seshat;
  • Set (aka. Seth or Sutekh);
  • Shai;
  • Shed;
  • Shesmetet;
  • Shesmu (aka. Shezmu);
  • Shu;
  • Sia;
  • Sobek (aka. Sebek);
  • Sokar (aka. Seker);
  • Sopdet (aka. Sothis);
  • Soped (aka. Sopdu);
  • Tabithet (aka. Ta-Bitjet);
  • Tapshay;
  • Tatenen;
  • Tawertet;
  • Tayet;
  • Tefnut (aka. Tefenet);
  • Tem (aka. Atum);
  • Tjenenet (aka. Tenenet);
  • Tutu;
  • Wadjet (aka. Uadjet);
  • Wadj-wer;
  • Wedjarenes;
  • Wekh;
  • Weneg;
  • Wenpy;
  • Wenut (aka. Unut);
  • Wenty;
  • Wepwawet;
  • Werethekau (Goddess or just a epithet of Aset, for me, just the epithet, but I see that some people consider it a Goddess);
  • Wesir (aka. Osiris);
  • Wosret;
  • Yinepu (aka. Anubis, Anpu or Anup).

You may also know that the Egyptians had also foreign Gods and Goddesses that came from Nubia, Levant, and so..

Acknowledge that I may be wrong, but from what I searched these are foreign gods worshiped in Egypt.

This list of foreign Gods and Goddesses worshiped in Egypt:

  • Anat;
  • Apedemak;
  • Arensnuphis;
  • Ash,
  • Astarte (aka. Ishtar);
  • Ba’al (aka. Baal);
  • Ba’alat Gebal;
  • Dedwen (aka. Dedun);
  • Mandulis;
  • Reshep;
  • Serapis;
  • Yamm (aka. Yam).

And.. The Egyptians had, what we may call heroes, like Imhotep or Amenhotep, son of Hapu. But, I didn’t put these here to confuse haha And because, I don’t have much information on those.

If I forgot any deity that you know and isn’t here, please let me know!! Thank you.

What happened and more about these days

Heyy!! So.. It’s been a while..

Do you want to know about the signs of the Deities, what happened after the prayers and offerings? I really don’t think I get something.. But today I saw A LOT of dogs in my way to school, which in the other days it was unusual. I remembered of Yinepu, but actually I really didn’t know if it was Him.

I may not be getting signs or I didn’t get them because I haven’t been praying nor offering to any Name of Netjer. Yes, I know! I became lazy, but school just started and I totally forgot about it! And more: I’m waiting for the Begginer’s class of the Kemetic Orthodoxy to begin. I’m very anxious. Actually I’ve already begin to ask some people on the forum about how to connect with the Gods I want to, depending on who worships Them.. and these people has answered me a lot, and helped me, of course…

So what I’ve been doing these days, you ask? As I went to a new school with some friends, I didn’t know anyone besides them.. (And now I know more people, of course..) and I found out someone who LOVES astrology, as I do.. And she likes theatre too, as I do haha HOW COOL!!

And, by this friend, I remembered I actually didn’t started to study astrology, I just had looked at some concepts and meanings, or so.. And that led me to learn more about astrology.. As I’m doing know.. Me and this friend, we have been changing some ideas on astrology, and I just started by read a pdf about it.. And let me tell you: I’m learning much more now than I was before.. It changed everything haha

Just a information on my life: I already told this friend likes theatre, and I love, as well, but, unfortunately, I haven’t been in a drama club yet.. So.. guess what? This Sunday I’m going to begin to “work” in the same drama club as this friend, and.. I’m very happy!!

So.. tell me more.. (about these days of yours and/or what I should write next).

May you all be in peace.

Yinepu draw

Hey. Just here to show you that draw of Yinepu I talked about in the last post.

I did it, and after that, I offer it to Him, as well. The picture is not in good quality (It was taken with my phone, that’s why), and I applied a effect for boosting it, to see more the lines, you know?

As I said, it’s not in good quality, but I just wanted to show you, because I really love it. The paper one (non-picture, real one,..) is way better, anyway haha.

May you all be in peace.


Offerings and more

Hey! I’m just here to say that, now, everyday, when I go to lunch or dinner, I offer the food and the water I consume to the Names of Netjer. I don’t know.. It just sound to me that I had to do it. It’s a simple thing to do, it’s not a wasting of time, and it may honor the Gods.

Update on the Connect to the Gods post? So.. the first day, I offered cool water to Yinepu, and yesterday I offered Him the cookies (actually it was palmier) I ate before go to bed and I offered the milk I drank with the cookies to Bast. For now, They haven’t told me anything, or maybe I just don’t remember haha But I don’t think so. I think I would remember if that happened, you know?

Oh, more!! Yesterday, before go to bed, actually, I thought to draw the Gods (since I’m an artist), but, the God I actually remembered to draw was Yinepu! Yes!! Yinepu. Do you think that’s something? Maybe. Maybe not. What I think? Actually, I don’t really know haha I’ll wait until I hear something from Him.

I think that’s all! Can someone give me ideas of what I could write on the next post? Please, I don’t have that much of ideas. haha

See you!

Connect to the Gods

So.. Yes. I just started my path and the first thing I’ll do is to connect to the Gods I think are calling me or I just want to because I seem to like them.

Did you just said calling you? Yes. I’ll give you my example: 2 weeks ago (I think), I started to think in Yinepu and started seeing dogs, especially black dogs. Then I asked on a group I have in facebook if they thought it was a sign of Yinepu to me. They said for me to ask Him if it was a sign and, if it were, for him to give me a new sign. And.. He did. The next day I saw again dogs. It was Him.

So I just draw Him in a piece of paper (I just put the paper on the screen of my computer and started copying) for me to have a representation of Him.

Now, as some people said to me in the Netjer Forum, I can connect to Him by offering something that the deite likes and say a prayer to Him (like: O Yinepu, Opener of Ways!  I offer you this repast (offering)  from my heart.  May it please you, and allow me to get to know you. ) . The offering may be just cool water.

How do I know what offerings my Gods like? For the egyptian Gods, the Wepwawet Wiki is a excellent place to know. For the other gods I don’t know any website.

Besides of Him, I’d like to connect to Bast, Sekhmet and Aset. As I said: “.. or I just want to because I seem to like them.”.

P.S. The Gods don’t answer you the same way. Some may already talk to you, others may appear by emotions or touch or dreams. Remember: pay attetion to the dreams. And it may be the same day you do that or They may appear to you many days after.

So, now I’ll concentrate, offer and pray to Them. Once I’ve done that I write here what happened.